Anyone talk to Jenny Corley?

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Rob LaMoy

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Mar 19, 2001
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Hey if any of you folks talk to Jenny in the near future, please extend my thanks and gratitude for helping me with my issues. It's people like her and the folks on this board that held me in the flock.
Rob -

I've probably spoken with Jenny more than anyone else...... But that SHOULD come to an end. Jenny is Mr. Burrough's Assistant - NOT Customer Service. She has helped us out of the goodness of her heart! It takes away from her normal duties........

Send her a "Thank You" note....... She's a wonderful lady! I'm sure she'll appreciate that as much as anything!

true,we shouldnt rely on her,but it is the only way to get any answers out of customer service sometimes.i think Ken Burroughs should be made aware of the problems with customer service and look into it.i have not heard from customer service in 5 days,after leaving voice mail messages on jennys phone,and mike nicholas phone too.

i guess ill try and call customer service tomorrow and see if i can get in touch with a real person this time,and maybe get some answers to my questions.