Anyone put Ski Mirrow on 175/185?

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Jun 30, 2000
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Gang - I hit BPS on Saturday with my boys and actually got out for under $50.00 (wife imposed limit :). Beside the Pike Flys recommended by a few of you (and 2 fly line steel/mono leaders) I bought a Ski Mirror as i've begun taking my kids and others tubing behind my Pro Crappie 175. The package suggests mounting on your windshield, but from the looks of the mounting hardware i'd suspect they are talking about for a walk-thru windshield ski/fish-ski type boat. It also mentions a rail mount (i.e. the gunwales) and wondered if anyone has actaully mounted and used of of these. I want to make sure before I drill 2 holes in my rails that i'll actually be able to see behind the boat.

Worse case I can use duct-tape the next time out and adjust a little to see if I can see the tube. I thought about mounting it on the inside side of my console, except my boat has a center position rear seat that I can't see through and that is what we use a lot for a spotter to sit in.

Any idea's would be great! - TrepMan