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Pierre Voisine

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Mar 15, 2000
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Fished my 1st tourney of the season on Sunday, finished with a 16.75 lb bag...enough to take 1st. Another Nitro boat finished 3rd, did not get a chance to meet them though...wanted to introduce them to the board, they were driving a 911.

Sweet. Nice going Pierre. Can't wait to have you as a partner for a tourney this year. Don't sell that boat yet OK. Nitro/Tracker owners RULE!
Way to go Pierre....Just to add to the list, I caught 16.04 lbs. and finished second in my tournament this past weekend.
It's the month of Nitro I guess. I took first in our club tourney with a whopping 4 fish 7.6 pound bag... I really thought I had no chance since some of the guys were (supposedly) catching 4 pounders consistently all week. A couple 4 pounders were weighed in, but that was their only fish. We had 4 fish, biggest was a 2.22 lb spotty. Just goes to show you it ain't over till the last team weighs in!!! In 79F water we were deadsticking flukes over grass beds. Worked good enough, never left the spot all day...
Here is a link/adress of one of my tourneys last month, I also managed a 10th in the FLW two weeks after and a 10th in the last Pro/Am I fished.
RiP Lips,