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Rob Heilman

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Mar 9, 2001
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I have a 901 CDX 200HP EFI and just recently ran the boat and had problems getting the boat to plane out. MORE DETAILS: The boat was loaded with full tanks, live wells, fish, 4 trolling batteries (trolling thunder), me and my partner (combined weight of 400#'s), and 200-300#'s equipment. I realize I was very heavy, allthough the boat performed great once on plane. It took close to 30-40 seconds of plowing water to get out of the hole. I have a 25 pitch on the boat and also own a 24 pitch that I'm sure would solve the problem allthough I don't want to lose any top end speed. The 25 pitch I'm running has all the plastic plugs still in the prop and I wondered if I should try to pull one or two or if this would not be recommended... Any advice would be appreciated.,,
30 to 40 Seconds??!!? You gotta be kidding........ That just ain't right......

Robert, is your trim functioning properly? Are you sure you're getting it trimmed all the way down? Could something be limiting the travel of the motor?

Contact Ohio Marine at 1-419-586-3185. My son-in-law's father had the same exact problem and they have a solution for your problem. One phone call won't hurt. Make sure you ask for Gary.
I just switched to a 4 Blade Trophy with all vent plugs still in. I'm running 65 on GPS (Speedo is 75) and my RPM's are at 5400. That's with a 200 Opti on my 901. I run a heavy load aswell, but if you're intent on staying with the 25P, I'd deffinetely remove atleast 2 of those vent plugs and see if that helps. Otherwise, I'd drop down to the 24P and see how that works. Holler back, with your comments,..I'd like to know what a 25P will do...be sure to make a mental note of your RPM's too...you'll want to keep yours at 54-5600 max....don't redline it...keep us posted!
Update: I pulled the two spare batteries I carry out of the boat and was impressed with the improvement that made... I also pulled two of the plastic plugs from the prop and will test run tonight....
I have the same problem with my 901 DC w/200EFI, 25P 3-blade Tempest prop. I removed two of the vent plugs, and it does rev up much better. If I have a full tank of gas, livewells full, and two people in the boat, it is a dog to get on plane. With a half tank of gas, no water in livewells and only me in the boat, it gets up in about 5-10 seconds.

I am considering a hydrofoil and a 23P 4-blade Trophy prop.
RC,...I'm running the exact same prop (24P 4 Blade Trophy) on a 200 Opti and and I didn't remove any of the plugs. I have a decent holeshot and I'm turning 5400 RPM's and getting a true 65 on my GPS. I could try removing 1 plug and see what happens, but the smaller hub on this prop seems to eliminate the need to remove a plug. Prior to this prop, i was turning a 23P Tempest with 2 plugs removed and I had an awesome holeshot, but id top out at 62GPS and hit 5600 RPM's......so I switched props and gained topend with lower RPM's. All I need to do now is play with the vent plugs under max load conditions and see what happens. Will keep you posted. That 24P prop is perfect though,....atleast for my situation anyway.

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