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Mike Paul

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Mar 17, 2001
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Hey gang,I'd like to know what other people are running for props on their 96 896's w/200hp EFI mercs. THANKS
I now own Wayne's old 896 and when he sold to me it came with a 25" Tempest. It is slow to plane but runs good. It GPS's @ 61-63 when loaded heavy and I have seen as much as 68 when alone with 1/2 tank of fuel. I have tried several settings on the jack-plate always going up or back to original spot and never gained any MPH. Late last year I lowered it 1/4" from where it was and gained 1 1/2 MPH. I will try a bit lower again this year.
I ran a 4-blade 24p trophy on my 896.....ran GREAT!! Excellent hole-shot and top end....it's the perfect prop for that boat under the conditions I fish in most of the time,........rough and rougher!! I ran with a heavy load and full tanks most of the time too.
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