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Rich Stern

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Feb 26, 2000
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Recall that my prop was stolen a while back (Laser II 26p).

I've been working with Georgia Precision Propeller to find a prop that is better matched to my boat. I tried a Predator 3 blade 25p. The hole shot was very good and the top speed was just slightly below that of the Laser II 26p (which had horrible hole shot).

Unfortunately, the Predator seemed to be slightly out of balance and caused some vibration at lower rpms. Handling was also not as good as the Laser II. Seemed the boat wanted to come unhooked from the water more easily, and tended to porpoise more.

This weekend I tried a Turbo 3 blade 26p and it is a much better all around prop for my boat than either the Laser II or the Predator.

The Turbo's hole shot is a bit weaker than the Predator's, but still much better than that of the Laser II. And it matches the Laser II for top speed (61mph on the speedo with a light load). The handling of the Turbo is head and shoulders above the Predator and better than the Laser as well. The prop seems to really stay connected with the water and provides a very smooth ride.

I still have a little RPM room left, and I am going to proceed with adding a 5" jack plate.

I'll post an update when that's done.

There is no substitute for being able to try different props. They really do make a huge difference in the feel of the boat.

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