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Greg L

Apr 23, 2001
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Have another question. I have a pro deep v-16 with a 50hp. A lake by my house only allows 9.9hp on it. What are my options. I know I can use the trolling motor, but will 1 or 2 batteries last all day? I have seen boats with a smaller motor in the rear. Is this possible with the pro deep v-16? I imagine the trolling motor would be fine unless it got really windy out. Thanks for the input.

I have seen a DV 16 with a second motor. I assume your 50 is a 2 Stroke? The 2 stroke is lighter than a 4 stroke so you probably would not overload the transom adding a second motor.. If you have a 9.9 already Great, although there are some Nice 6 and 8 HP "Kickers" Available. If you still want to stay electric, Large Batteries and a Strong Trolling Motor( especially up front) Would do the Job ok... I got into some wind and waves last week and getting back to the dock was tough. We were in a friends 14 footer and had a bow mount and transom mount trolling motor running at the same time to get us back.
Greg -

The reason many boats have that second, smaller motor (a "Kicker") is for trolling. Big V-6 motors simply push you too fast to permit slow trolling so people who fish that way often add the smaller one and tie it into the steering of their main unit.


I have the Pro Angler 16 w/ 25hp. I also fish lakes with the same restrictions. I have an 8hp on the back with the 25. There is enough room for both and while I will not be breaking the sound barrier, the 8 pushes the boat better than the electric.

Greg, when I got my Pro-V16 I measured to see if there is enough room to put a kicker motor on the transom. There appears to be plenty of room for a small kicker. I measured the bracket on a Merc 6hp and it would fit fine. I may do the same someday for those lakes that have hp restrictions.If you do get one, make sure you get the long shaft motor.

One word of advise, check with whoever enforces the HP restriction on the lake to be sure they'll let you do this. On our water supply, you're not even allowed to have ANY motor with the HP exceeding the limit, even if you promise not to use it. Seems our game warden has been burned a few times by people telling him "I'm only going to run the trolling motor", then he sees them an hour later screaming down the lake with there big motor at WOT.