2000 175 w/40 Merc - Motor Height???

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Jun 30, 2000
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Gang - My boat (Pro Crappie 175 with 40 Merc) is going into the shop this week for a few minor fixes and i'm wondering if I should have them raise the motor while they've got it. The boat is currently set up from the factory at the lowest mounting hole (basically sitting right on top of the transom) and wondering if raising the motor 1 or 2 notches would improve hole-shot or top end any? I don't have a water pressure gauge yet (still on the wish list) but if anyone with a 175/185 and a mid-sized engine (40, 50, 60) has raised thiers and gotten any improvements I'd love to know.

Thanks as always - Trepman
I have the same equipment. I thought the motor should be off of the transom when I first saw it. I checked the engine installation manual and shows it mounted right on the top of the transom. Let me know if you raise it and what the results are.
We've tried tinkering with the aluminum boats to see if we could pick up a little more than the rigging spec. sheet. On almost every occasion,75HP and less, the changes were at best the same and more usually worse.(Those doggone engineers:) Most of the time it created something better than an amusement park ride, trying to hold plane. Just my opinion, but it sounds like you are getting 100% out of your macine. Good luck!
Dan/Ken - Thanks guys! Boat runs great, as you know, but always want to ask the question. I know since she's running at Max RPMs at full trim up that the factory set up is fine. Just since this is my first real boat, wanted to see if raising it would do any good.

She'll be in the shop on Thursday for her annual tune-up, a few fixes and then back on the water!

Have a great week! - TrepMan
I was wondering the same thing on my Tournament V 17 with 60 Johnson. It is mounted all the way down. At this point when the propshaft is trimmed parallel to the bottom of the boat it is approx 1 inch lower. The boat planes, rides and speed is great, although adding a SE SPORT 300 Hydrofoil really adds something including the ability to trim up higher without porpoising. I was under the assumption mounting the motor all the way down was probably easiest to do when rigging so thats why so many boats are like that.