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Larry Gregan

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Apr 5, 2001
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Well a couple of weeks ago I posted a message about my New Nitro having a Zercom Flahser problem. So I take it to the Dealer and the guy pulls the panel off to take a look. Then he says "Here's your problem. It's not hooked up to the transducer." Then he starts to look for the transducer and lo and behold there is no transducer to hook it up to. So now I have to leave my new boat at the dealer, wait for the part to be shipped and then installed all because som loser at Tracker forgot to mount a transducer. I can't believe a boat manufacturer could make a boat and then send it out to the buyer without first testing the equipment. What happened to American craftsmanship. I could see if it something small but a transducer is, in my opinion, a fairly important part of the boat. Any way now I am hearing from you fellow Nitro owners that the Hummingbird 128, which also came with my boat, is worhtless. I wonder what is next. I took out the two plastic baskets in the rear cargo holds to mount two cleats in the rear because Tracker said "we don't put them on the 750 NX because fisherman have complained about breaking their rods on them and it also keeps the price of the boat down." I paid a total of $12 for the cleats and it took me, a novice, 20 minutes to install them. WHen I took the cargo baskets out I also noticed some screws, washers and nuts laying scattered in the hull. Is it just my luck with this boat or is this normal??? Anyway thanks for letting me speak my peace. This is a great website with real nice people giving great advice.
BOB...thanks for the reply and you're right. I shouldn't have let a missing component upset me but it was just very frustrating to finally save enough money to buy the boat and then have to bring it back for a missing component. I'm sure the boat will give me years of enjoyment and I apologize for getting a little "T"d off.
Larry, Bob's absolutely right,...when they build the boat's all kinds of stuff get's dropped or falls down in the hull while they're working on the cap, etc.....you'll find screws and pieces of foam in your bilge for awhile until it all makes its way down to the drain hole.....clean it out regularly and try not to let it get into your bilge pumps,..that's where you'll end up burning up a pump or something,..but that's a rare occurance!!. I can totally relate to your feelings of frustration, but as long as your boat floats,...don't worry about the transducer,....let the dealer order it and you keep the boat,...when he's ready to install it,..then take the boat in.....until then...fish your butt off!!! LOL
Take care,...and keep smilin'....welcome to the world of boat ownership,....let the fun begin!!!
MAC... I will keep an eye on the bilge. The dealer called today to inform me the part was sent overnight airmail and they completed installation. I really appreciate their concern. My fishing partner and I are headed to the French River in northern Ontario next month for Musky fishing. This is what we both look forward to all year long. Can't wait to take the Nitro up there and enjoy. Anyway thanks to all of you on this website for real good advice and insight.
Hope to see you on the water someday.
Larry,...that's great news,....worthy of a nice comment from you in the Dealer Report Card section. Any dealer who treats a customer like that, should be praised!! That's outstanding service for this time of year especially!!
Have a great trip and post a few pix's if you can!! Tight lines and cold brewski's by the fire!!!

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