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Larry Gregan

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Apr 5, 2001
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Well I finally got the chance top try out my new 750NX. Before I forget thanks again to all of you who helped when I had questions previously. Everything worked great except for one little problem. I had a Zercom cid flasher installed by Tracker as an option when I ordered the boat. Well it doesn,t seem to work. I am calling my dealer soon to inform him and hopefully solve the problem. I'm not sure if Tracker installed the flasher or if the dealer did. Anyway, I was curious to know if anyone else had a problem with a Zercom flasher. The unit seems to have power
but I receive no readings.
Larry, where is the transducer mounted? Inside the boat thru the hull? Or on the transom? If it is in the the boat in the battery compartment, make sure whoever mounted it, used slow drying epoxy. If any other material is used, it will usually interfere with the signal. Also, did you adjust the sensitivty? Just a couple of thoughts. Some of teh other folks on this board will probably be able to figure it out quickly, but I think that more info is required. Good luck.

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