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Jan 19, 2003
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Finally got it done this year!!!
When I got my Z17 4 years ago (can't believe that long), I really went with minimal options to keep my payment down. Only addition previously was a Hook 5/GPS on bow.
I realize not super high end stuff here but staying on budget I've now got a usable 7" console graph (had a 4" unit from factory) and now 24v trolling motor with 3 bank charger replacing a 12v system.
The upgrades included:
1) Dash unit upgraded to a Hook 7 Reveal - I was able to order a new dash insert panel from my dealer and flush install came out great following instructions from Lowrance. I have part number around here somewhere at it was about $32 bucks and dealer got it quick. If anyone needs information on that let me know. I really hemmed and hawed over doing a bracket mount on the new dash insert but since the Lowrance bracket is plastic and I had security concerns I went flush install in the end.
2) 24v Edge 70 trolling motor
3) Second battery installation (had to relocate the single tray added a second and kept them centered)
4) NOCO GeniusPRO 10X3 replaced the 2bank 10 amp Genius

I've had it out once since the upgrades and loving it, I already love the boat but these upgrades are a game changer!!!


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I know this post is old but I’d figure I’d chime in anyways 😬

I have a 2018 Z17 also and have made a few upgrades myself. I had my dealer put a Helix 7 at the dash upon arrival and have since added a second Helix 7 SI at the dash. A year ago I put on a 80lb Ultrex and went and also bit the bullet and added a 24V 80 Ah Lithium ion battery for the Ultrex. There are still a few things that I’d like to do it but I’m content for now. By the way….the Ultrex with the lithium ion battery is AWESOME.
Awesome upgrades.

How long does the fully charged lithium-ion battery last? Is solar energy an option for charging.
I can’t give you a specific number on how long the fully charged batter lasts but what I CAN say is that I have fished tournaments where I was in wind most of the time and used my spot lock dang near all day and I never had a drop in power. It has plenty of charge with a lot to spare. One of my favorite things about the lithium ion battery is the time it takes to charge it. It will come back to a full charge in less than two hours after using all day in a tourney.
Excellent battery, considering you were probably against the wind most of the time. Is the battery dedicated only to the trolling motor?
It will depend upon the ampere draw, which typically varies, so very depend on how you use it. I run one 24VDC 100Ahr, lithium for my front terrova on a 175 combo. It consistently provides me with 8 hrs continuous run at 8. I can get 14 hours if the weather is calm 4-6 (2.3-2.5 mph). I have a separate 12VDC 100ahr lithium for my front and back helix 8s and associated electronics. I have yet to run the out, but anticipate 3-4 days continuous.

They make "battery fuel" meters. Some are simple volt meters; some are actually very complicated and measure multiple cell voltage, amperage, and temperature. Obviously the more complex, the higher the price.

Hope that helps
Excellent battery, considering you were probably against the wind most of the time. Is the battery dedicated only to the trolling motor?
All trolling motors should have a dedicated battery. You don't want to run down your starting battery with the TM and then be stuck, lol.

Also RE: Solar charging:

The amount of solar panels you'd need to keep up with current draw isn't feasible right now. The camping solar panels you'd use for that are only capable of charging one small battery after 8+ hours of constant sunshine. A big group 27 or 31 marine battery is way bigger than that, and you're not guaranteed good sun.

A possible better option for not using shore power would be an alternator charger, but that would depend on the alternator in your boat and how often you run around between spots (small outboard + a lot of trolling motor time = not good charging. Big outboard + lots of running and short TM usage = good amount of recharge). I have a two bank alternator charger on my boat, and it works great on bigger lakes where I'm hopping from spot to spot and only using the TM for a few minutes. I'm running an 80lb thrust Terrova and two Group 27 FLA batteries, after a 3 day trip they were both still reading full charge with the "battery test" function on the TM.

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