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Robert Lara

Apr 20, 2001
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Well I think I just found my new Prop. I was just watching Ship Shape T.V. and saw a commercial about the Piranha Prop,its so awsome the hubs have a core of high strength extruded aluminum, over-molded with Verton
I saw that show too!!...Couldn't believe it,...but then again they sure make the banjo minnow look good on TV too!
I'd really like to see one in person and talk to someone who's used it. It might make a dandy spare for a serious bass boater..and it might also be perfect for a 90 or under. Especially for those who fish around a lot of rocks and stumps. I don't really have an honest opinion either way Rob, but I will say it is an interesting prop forsure.
Let's see if the major mfgr's come up with something similar,....then we'll know it works! LOL.
Take care,

Rob, I've never had one, but had many discussions about them with a guy who ran one on a Regal bowrider (on a 210hp 4.3L with a Volvo outdrive). For a long time (over a year), he absolutely swore by the thing, was happy with the performance, the cost, the quality of the product. Then, without explanation, on two different occassions, blades sheared off in the same way. He never had an impact (that he was aware of). The guy is a serious engineer and a bit of a product fanatic, so he did a complete 180 and started telling everyone who would listen that the product was defectively designed.

Personally, I think it's a great concept and I've heard other users say they are satisfied. Although I wouldn't have one as my primary prop, I wouldn't hesitate to use one as my spare. The flexibility of being able to change back and forth between an couple of prop pitches for $60 is also a nice benefit.
Think about it.......

You've got a motor rated up to 200, 225 or more hp.
You're turning 4,000 to 5,000+ rpm's constantly.
There's tremendous pressure on the blades when they're in the water.
Then the pressure drops dramatically when the tips come out.
Whether you feel it or not - you're constantly hitting small debris in the water.

Any seemingly minute tolerances in the fitting between the hub and the blade and that thing is going to self-destruct in short order......

P.S. Pray that there isn't a skiier behind the boat when a blade comes flying off........
... a SS or Aluminum blade would never do that??? I've heard of guys throwing blades and not hitting anything,..(or so they thought),...I don't think that prop is designed to pull skiers,...they kept showing it hit a submerged log and what it does in that instance......I don't think they talked about whether or not it was designed for pulling skiers,....although the testing was done on a pleasure boat!! (they didn't use a bassboat in any of the shot's i saw).....but i still think it would be a good spare prop for ANY boat in an emergency. Just my 2cents......

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