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Gary Taylor

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Mar 5, 2001
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I just replaced the back bearings on my tandum trailer. When I got the wheel on one side I spun it to see how it sounded. Sounds like brake shoes rubbing. Took it for a test drive and the hub heated up bad. Have had this brake lock up once. The shoes seem fine. How do you bleed these brakes. I adjusted the brake shoes all the way in but it didn't help. What else can I do.
Gary -

Sounds to me like the bearing was reinstalled improperly. What - I have no idea. There are many little things....... And there's only one way to find out........ Take it apart and start all over.

Hope you didn't drive very far.


To anyone thinking of repacking their bearings -

If you've never done it before, either pay a coupla bux to have a mechanic do it or be sure to have someone who knows EXACTLY what they're doing help you out the first time.

Repacking bearings is not a difficult job - but it is so very easy to mess sumpthin' up. THAT can be very costly.

Do make sure you lube them regularly; that way it may never be necessary to repack them!

But scott????? i like it so much better when they do it then when they bring it to me :)
Chris, That seems to be my life's story. I fix it then I bring it in to the mechanic and he gets it so I can use it again. Somehow in my mind I save a lot of money that way.
I found the problem. It wasn't releasing the brake so the shoes were rubbing & heating up the wheel & hub. The bearings aren't hard to do but the unknown is.
Gary - Glad you found the problem and that it wasn't a costly one!

Chris - Sorry about that...... I guess I should be thankful that you don't sell trucks! I'll make it up to you........

Everyone - It helps if, when you're repacking the bearings, to drop them in the dust. Don't worry about cleaning them off; the heat generated while you're driving will do it for you! Then, Chris' work # is..........


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