What other fising sites do you guys visit?

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Timothy Hanford

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May 16, 2001
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I just wondered if there was a site out there that I don't know about that I should check out.

I go to rivermsallies.com many hours a day as well as the Bass Fishing Home Page. And here of course. Any other suggestions?
Occassionally www.walleyecentral.com plus riversmallies.
I spend lots of time on NCBF.com and I check the boards on the Triton owners site everyday.
Aside from the usual Texas Fishing Reports and the Bass Fishing Homepage I like to know water levels on the lake I'm going to. I've included a really good site to get real time data on many bodies of water in the US. Check it out!
Thanks for reminding me of that site Dave. I check our local river conditions often.
i hit the bash fishing homepage,the walleye central board,the oswego co.tourist page for the latest fishing report,the lake ontario board,and the rochester fishing board.and i think thats it.oh,a local webboard,for lake wallenpaupack.
NCBF.com on the message board all day and here, BFHP is too
convuluded at times, and then there is World of fishing news for Tournament results.

I do the Ct Bass Federation (go.to/CTBF), this page, BFHP and a local site (www.ctbassholes.com). That pretty much uses up my day.