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Brian Feist

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Mar 1, 2000
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In an earlier post, I received some good info from the board on my 9.9HP that's on my Pro Team 175. I live in PA where many lakes are 10HP limits. So, I stuck with a little motor.

Those that govern here in the Commonwealth are currently taking public comment on whether or not to raise the horsepower limit on many lakes, which I totally support. In the event that they do, I would expect it to be 25HP. I say this because it is the next logical step in outboard upgrades. This also will allow people to gain a little more power without disturbing much on the lakes.

The questions that I have are...

My speedometer does not register at all with my current 9.9HP motor. What could I expect with a 25HP?

If I am allowed to upgrade to a 25HP motor, in a ballpark, what's a 25HP 4 stroke going to cost me?

(I have to start saving now while I hope and wait)

What's a 3 year old 9.9 Merc 2 stroke with less than 50 hours worth?

Are there other states with 10HP limits that I would be better off traveling toif I need buy and or trade?

(For those of you at dealers, I'm willing to travel and keep you in mind if and when I'm in the market)

If I upgrade, will I have to buy new controls or will my current ones work?

Thanks in advance for your comments...

Brian Feist
I have a 2002 pt 175 that I bought with a 25hp motor. I was in the same situation as you as far as 10hp motor limits in South Jersey. I did find a few lakes and two local rivers near me that have unlimited hp so I am glad I did not get the 9.9. I can manage 17 to 20mph depending on how my boat is loaded. I have tried the different manual trim settings and the first one (trimmed all the way in) seems to work the best. Automatic trim setting doesn
I have a Tracker Pro 17, the model before they changed them to the Pro Team 175. Mine has a 25 hp Merc and with two anglers, full load of tackle and full gas tank I can hit almost 17 mph. With only myself and my gear, I can hit around 23.

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