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Jun 3, 2000
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A friend just brought by his brand new Gambler 2200 today. Not putting down my Nitro, but what a boat!!!! It has a 225 optimax on the tail and every up grade you can imagine. He left Ranger and went to gambler. He said he has always wanted one. The thing looks like an air craft carrier. Can't wait to take a ride in it. Anyone know anything about them? Nicest detail and finish (in a bass boat) I've ever seen.
Mort -

Is it red? I sure do like Red!

I don't know anything more about Gamblers than that they sure do make me drool! I don't know how it rides..... I don't know how it fishes...... I don't know how they hold up to rough conditions...... I don't even know if they are really fast....... WHO CARES! When yer "Lookin' Go-o-o-od!" - Nuthin' else matters!

Ask him for an honest re-evaluation after he's been in 2-3ftr's with it.....they're built for speed and performance on flat water, but I'd rather be in a 901,911 or 929 in a good chop than a Gambler,....but if it's flat,..I won't see anything but the back of his hat!!..LOL
Gamblers are a very fast boat when the water is flat. They willbeat about any baot in their class. When it gets rough though its all over. It has a very hard rough water ride and the speed comes way down.

Rob L