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Barb Baggott

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Mar 27, 2001
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I'm really getting tired of opening my storage compartment under the passenger seat of my PT165 to find it wet and everything in it. Not only was the compartment wet, but the carpeting in front of the console was also wet. I've tried the bilge pump, nothing coming out. When I pull the plug out, nothing comes out. I think I'm down to 2 choses here, either the hull is full of water and I can't get it out, or the livewell is leaking into the rear compartment. The boat was in the garage for 3 weeks, so I know there was no way water could have gotten into the boat or compartment. Any ideas out there? After reading about all the problems people are having getting repairs done, I sort of afraid to even approach anyone from Tracker, so any help out there, would be greatly appreciated.

Take the boat out for a spin and DON'T use the livewell. If there is no water then the livewell must be the problem. Fill the live well 1/2 way for a little while and see if it leaks. Keep adding water until your compartment and/or carpet gets wet.

I'm guessing that your top drain can't keep up with your airation and the livewell is overflowing. I've seen this in other boats. Make sure you are airating with the switch in "Auto" and NOT "Manual" so the pump doesn't run constantly.

Good luck and keep us posted.


I don't know what dealer you bought your boat from but I would give them a chance to make it right. Keep in mind that this is their busy season so it may take longer then normal to find the problem.

It could be water coming in from your livewell. Do you always have water in the livewell when you have noticed this or has it done it with an empty well? The only leaks that I ever had on my boats were do to plumbing or livewell.

Keep us posted.

Here's some more information. I have only filled the livewell once, yet everytime I take the boat out, there is water in the livewell when I bring it in eventhough the overflow tube is screwed in, usually 3 to 5 inches of water. And then the storage compartment is wet. I really appreciate everyones help on this. Where does the bilge pump empty the water out? I thought it was in the rear, is this correct and how long should I run the pump after I pull the boat out? Is there any way to look inside the hull and see if there is water and maybe the hole in back is plugged up?

Thanks again for everyones help,
Sorry to hear you're still having water problems. After your last post concerning this problem I checked my FRONT storage and noticed no water. This compartment is fronted by the hull. Try putting some silicone around the bow eye or check for loose rivets around this area. This is the only place the water could wet the compartment without filling the bilge. My bilge pump is on the starboard side of my drain plug behind the fuel tank mounted as far back as possible. My best guess for whatit's worth would be the bow eye. To check the bilge pump run some water in the hull where it will be to a level with the suction and turn it on. Mine works now, but since I'm aware of the water sloshing out of the livewell and filling the bilge I've had dry rides. Sorry it took so long to get back on your problem, but I DID check and the area in the hull in front of the storage is the only answer my limited knowledge could come up with. Good luck and let us know.
Correction on bilge pump location. It is on the PORT side of the drain and the outflow is directly above it on the transom. My livewell pump is starboard. Port, starboard, left, right....jeez.