Well I think I can finally breathe

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gone bye bye

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Mar 20, 2000
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After prefishing with Zell and having him stay at the house, prefishing with Woo, Organizing the Mustad Ultra Point Classic, Putting Hank on the water and the Outdoor Writers AND fishing a few tournaments in between I think I can get my head above water........

Or so I thought....leaving for Iowa next week to fish the BASS Federation Northern Divisional in Pools 9 thru 11 on the Mississippi River. Anyone have any local info they are willing to share? If so, please email me [email protected]

Sorry i havent been here much this summer, I have been the busiest unemployed slacker in this town!

Good there Mini....

Are you, me , and Tom still going tomorrow???
Ken, You sure your a manager? You seem to get to go fishing with the "big" boys an awful lot!!! Who's minding the store? LOL

80 hours a week in the in the spring and during boat shows...I finally get to breathe a little this time of year!!!

I also have a pretty staff of managers under me that I have confidence in to make the right decisions while I'm gone, and if not, my cell phone does work on St. Clair!!!
Mini, Are you feeding those toads up there for me...Bulk them up good, 'cause you know I'm going cash in on your offer of taking me out on 'Clair (you and Mac) soon!

Can we get Scott to come down, I'd love to get to some good muski also...

Scott...how 'bout it 'chum?

Nice to have you back Mini. Sounds HORRIBLE, all that stuff you had to endure. Between you and Mac, man I don't know who has it worse. I'll get my share in 2 weeks with the FLW. I am meeting with one of Ranger's marketing directors, the ESPN folks, and a bunch of pros. I know Denny Brauer will be here, and he is my personal favorite. I would love to get to talk to him for a while. Well, when you slow down Mini, be sure to shoot up here for fall birds and bass!

Thanks Mini...and you can see her on thebassreport.com under the Angler Spotlight!!!

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