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Rob Heilman

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Mar 9, 2001
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Well I tried pulling the plugs on the prop and this raised the rpms considersbly, allthough it seemed like I couldn't get any traction more or less. The rpms came up real fast and I had to back off the throttle to get the boat to get too speed. Once at top speed the boat did fine allthough the rpm topped at 6000 which I think is alittle to hot for a 200 EFI. At this time I put the plugs back in and plan on running my 24 pitch instead of the 25 when running with a heavy tournament load... Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated... Rob. H..
Rob,...you mentioned "Plugs" as in plural........did you pull all 4 out??...you probably only need to pull one or two out,....did you try it with just one out, then two?? You'll notice a difference right away, but with 4 out you'll over-rev and gettoo much slipping on your hole shot (no traction) and that defeats the purpose. I'm running a 24P 4Blade Trophy on my 901 with all 4 plugs still in,......i removed one and it was a very noticable difference!! My hole shot went from good (i was trying to get GREAT!!..LOL) to lowsy, with that 1 plug out, so I put it back in and it's as good as it's going to get....which is just fine considering my load!! Try the 25P again with 1 plug out,.....see if that helps. Keep us posted.
Mac, I had all three out, put two back in and test ran. Definetly better than the previous run. Top speed is still close two what I run with the 24 pitch so yheres no real speed advantage, and the rpms are maxing around 5800. Thanks for the help Rob H....

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