update on trailer brakes,an opps!

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Feb 29, 2000
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i did an oops,i got the wrong brakes,the ones i said fit were 1/4" toooo wide,the right ones are an albany #154.we dont know what it fits though,we took a stab at it and went up 2#'s and checked them.they are off a ford,not sure what vehicle,might have been a pinto,seen toooo many #s at the autozone..

sorry for the oops..

they also sell the seals there,just have to get the right salesman,ho knows what to look for!!!!i thank him for that!
Mag -

If you go to an independent parts store - one that still has CATALOGS rather than just a computer - they'll be able to get you all the info you want from the cross-references in the back of the catalogs. If there are mold numbers on the cylinders you can also look these up in the back of the catalogs.

P.S. A Remanufacturer's catalog may be the best place..... Their customers need all that info so they can identify the cores that are brought back.
well,i got some of my info off here,so we kind of knew what vehicle to look up at least,it was a ford,what make,not sure,but all i know they are cheaper than the local rv store,they wanted $26/side!! thats 1 side,i paid it once,thats it,vowed i wouldnt pay it again...

now for the wheel cylinders next brake change,repacked bearings,new seals,checked tires for cuts/nails,and such.