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Bill P

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Feb 19, 2001
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I usually use the Quicksilver oil, for my Merc 150, and I tried the Pennzoil synthetic blend, now my motor seems to smoke a lot more. Any one have an opinion on this? I did mix the oils, could that have anything to do with it?
Bill, I can't speak for all synthetic oils but actually most of them can readily be mixed with petroleum based oils with no problem.I am an Amsoil dealer and our oil does mix with any other oil with no problem.If you're not familiar with Amsoil,all of our products are very high quality, 100% synthetic lubricants.I have been using Amsoil for a couple years now and had to switch several motors from regular to Amsoil and had excellent results-less smoke,less carbon,lower engine temps(I've used it in 5 snowmobiles and 2 outboards).Amsoil offers many other lubricants also,such as lower unit lube,grease,gear lube,motor oil(4 stroke)and much more.If you have any questions just E-mail me.
I have a Johnson 60 with LOW HOURS. I have been using the OMC RAM Oil and let me tell you it smokes VERY Little. When Engine is warm you would swear it was a 4 Stroke at times. I switched to Pennzoil Full Synthetic cause it is available at Wal Mart. Smokes a lot more, even after using over a Gallon. Especially noticeable at idle when trolling along. Leaves an unpleasant trail of smoke. I switched Back to the Ram Oil and its gone. On the bassboards I read that Pennzoil Smokes a lot. Other Synthetics such as AMMSOIL are supposed to be good, and the smoking is less after you use it a bit. The Ram Oil also contains a strong Crabon Preventing Additive.

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