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Jun 3, 2000
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Hey everybody,

Looking to replace my existing interstate batteries with new ones. I have had great luck with the interstate batteries! They have lasted us for about 4 1/2 years. They just are not holding a good charge anymore and can only get half a day out of them.

What batteries have you all had good luck with? Any Likes or dislikes on your current batteries? I was looking at the evertroll batteries. Any one fishing them? Thanks for any help. C.Mort
For my cartopper I have a 'Stowaway' purchased at a quite reasonable price from Sams Club...It must be 5 yrs old...gets lots of use..and is still going strong. When my Tracker needs batteries I will buy Stowaway!............Mike L.
I'll ring in for Everstart. Get 'em at Wal Mart and if any trouble out of them there's always a Wal Mart close to take them back to.
I have Interstates now for about a year and they work great. Before them I had Continental Stalkers that I didn't put much faith into but they lasted 4 years and were cheap to buy. I don't know if I just got lucky or what, but I have heard similar stories about Continental batteries. I take good care of my batteries and get them on the charger as soon as I'm off the water and let them charge until they are full. I think that helps.
I have heard and seen the Evertrolls and they are way over priced. I run Power Trolls in my boat. They are made by a local company here in RI and the gentleman that owns the company is an avid fisherman. They are a little pricey, but not as bad as the Evertrolls. The Power Trolls run about $180 a battery. Delco, Everstart and Stow Away are also good batteries.