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Apr 26, 2001
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Just wondering how far the tranducers should be hanging from the bottom of the boat,I just picked up my pro team 175 and took it for a spin and the transducer was throw water off the motor then back in the boat and the carpet was soaked. Just called my rep and he said its mounted the same on all boats,let me know how far your tranducers are off the bottom and if you all have the same problem.

...the bottom of the puck should be 1/8 to 1/4 inch
below the hull. Check you manual to make sure though.
Bobby, It could be the engine kicking up water. I had that problem with my Pro Deep V17, 90 Merc. The carpet and splash well was always wet. I cured the problem by raising the engine 1 hole up from it's lowest mounting position.