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Andrew Zuber

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Mar 19, 2001
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Happy Easter to All!

I have TV-18 with a 90 horse ELPTO. When I trailer, the motor will tip to one side or the other. Is this normal? It seems as though it may be putting stress on the steering bar/cable. I have tried positioning the transom saver both higher and lower on the motor but it still lists over to one side or the other...
Is this a potential problem or a normal occurence?

I have a Targa 1900 with a 200 Merc and during driving the motor will swing to one side or another. I talked to the Tracker dealer and recommended that there needs to be some kind of lock to prevent that. What I have done, is attach a bungee cord to the drivers seat and loop it around the steering wheel. This has stopped the motor swinging and has held it stationary - even when traveling 12 to 15 hours on all types of roads. Hope this helps!!
I second the bungee cord Idea. I have a small eyelet I screwed into the floor just below the steering wheel. ANd a small hole I drilled into the dash just below the steering wheel. When trailering I hook it to the wheel. When fishing I hook it to the dash. I keep the life jackets under the dash for easy access. The bungee keeps them from flying out. Local DNR says jackets must be worn or readily accessable and this still keeps them out of the way
Try the Adjustable Head Transom Saver from BPS. Item #38-547-296-00 for $27.99.

The stock transom saver shipped with the boats do that..... This one doesn't and will cure your problems!


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