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Mike L.

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Jun 14, 2000
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Millstone Township, New Jersey
Hello All ! .....The Trailer for my ProCrappie 175 has a Rubber Plug over

the Metal End Cap which you remove to reach the EZ Lube bearings. One of

my Rubber Plugs is now broken and I need to replace it. 'Local' Tracker

dealer is 100+ miles RT.

I checked at a local trailer shop and the have no plugs

my size. They suggested just replacing the cap with a solid metal cap to

reduce the chance of water leakage through a loose rubber plug.

Anyone know how I can order these Rubber Plugs with a phone call

throught the mail/part number/ phone number etc....... or should I just replace the whole metal cap,

making it a little tougher to lube bearings??? Thanks everone!

This looks like tim efor super Ken Neeley, service Manager of the Detoit store, to respond, he will take excellant care of you, look him up in member directory. Or call his parts man, Craig, tell him you were referred by the Nitro.Tracker home owners page, his number is 248-333-0997.

Cliff Van Beek

Vice President

South Dakota B.A.S.S. Federation
i have a spare one of them in my dash,took them off and put bearing buddies thing i could have done.didnt like the rubber plug.lost a few on trips to ontario.

the part # on the bag is 5785001


I'm the General Manager of the whole she-bang,, but I'm currently in need of a good Service Mgr....anyone interested???
Hey All......I just spoke to Craig.. .told him what I needed, a quick and knowledgable response from him says they are in stock and my order ships this afternoon!

This board and its members just made my small problem

go away quickly and a thumbs up to this BPS service dept!

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