Trailer lights giving me fits!

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VA Chris

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Aug 22, 2001
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Winchester, Va
I have an old TX17 and trailer(83)which I pull w/a cherokee. The tow package on the Jeep has a round plug and my trailer has the vertical 4 plug set-up. I purchased the adapter to fit the Jeep and everything seemed fine w/the lights for a while but for what seems like complete random occurances when I put my right turn signal on ALL the lights,Jeep included, flash as if I have my emergency flashers on. When I have my headlights on and use my left signal both my left trailer signal works by my right signal also flashes dimly. Whats up w/that? Like I said, this just started happening w/out me fiddling around with anything. They were working fine. A Little Help? Thanks in advance.
Chris -

Assuming that the signals and all work fine on your Jeep when you don't have the trailer attached........

You've got to have some place(s) in the wiring harness of the trailer where the wires have been rubbed, cut or corroded through. This wouldn't surprise me one bit considering the age of your rig.

Trying to find and repair the break could be an exeercise in futility - there could be any number of spots. Go to an auto parts store and purchase a spool of 4-wire; it comes in 25' and sometimes 50' lengths. Go ahead an rewire the entire trailer. If your wiring runs through the center of a channel, use the old wire to pull the new through. Also get a new 4-prong connector and splice it in. While you're at it, check the lights themselves for corroded contacts and fitting; replace these as necessary. (Or, if it's not too much money, just replace them anyway.) You won't find the right lights at an auto parts store, you'll have to go to a boating outlet like West Marine or BPS.

Sounds like a big job - but it's not! You ought to be able to complete it in a few hours. (Even if you're a klutz like me!)