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Scott S.

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Nov 3, 2000
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My '93 Johnson/Tracker Pro 60 Shifter works fine in the forward backward routine, althouh it requires some effort of pushing the button located at the bottom and pulling the throttle out Towards the driver to advance the throttle in neutral in case of a cold weather start.. My mechanic said these were all sloppy shifters. AQnyone else find this to be true?
You have to push the button in and pull the throttle handle out??? That seems wierd!! My merc and omc throttles in the past only required pushing that button in and then moving the throttle handle forward for a cold weather start. Make sure you're not doing something you don't have to....try pushing the button in and moving the throttle forward...see if that works....otherwise it needs to be adjusted or replaced.
Essox, I would get it replaced. I had my Merc. 3000 box go bad on my Pro-Angler and it left me stranded on the water. Luckily I had enough juice in my trolling motor to make it back to the dock. I was told by my dealer that Merc had replaced some of the gears with too soft of a brass that year, (98). They had a bunch going bad. They replaced my whole box. Maybe Johnson did the same thing. Merc supposedly has fixed that problem. So far so good on the new boat. With my new boat and old boat, I have to push in the button and move the lever towards reverse just a hair for the button to go in all of the way. Then while still holding the button in I move the throttle lever forward and it is then in neutral.

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