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Rob LaMoy

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Mar 19, 2001
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O.K. about my onboard charger again. I bought two new batteries, Wal-Mart Extremes, top of the line. BANG the lights came on and the charger kicked in on the 2 amp light. Left them charging for 2 days as this chargers is supposed to shut off when charge is full. The lights went all the way up to the final 10 amp. All were lit up but the green ready light never did come on. Also, when I unplugged it the 5 LEDs stayed on. Will that kill the batteries all over again? Am I just dumb as a stump here and can't figure this thing out, or is there a trick? The brand is a Permacharger. Anyone have any suggestions before I rip it out and dump $200 into a new one?
Rob, I think you have a wierd charger!!..LOL...I've never heard of LED's staying on AFTER you unplug it!! That makes no sense!! You know you've got brand new batteries so that's NOT the problem.....I'd just replace the charger and be done with it,....I've never heard of a Permacharger either, but that doesn't mean it isn't a good one,....but i wouldn't be comfortable with it knowing the LED's are on and it's not even plugged in!! That's wierd!
Time to cash in the bottles and cans and get something you can trust. Good luck,
Rob, batteries sold in retail stores are generally charged and ready to go. They will have lost some charge due to storage, but they shouldn't need a 2 day/10ah (or even 2 amps) charge.

What were the batteries doing while this was going on? Did they get hot? Did you hear the water bubbling/gurgling? Did you measure the voltage of the batteries before/during/after the charge? More info.

Advice: Don't use that charger again until you know for sure what's going on. You might be toasting new batteries.

Well I broke down and got a new XPS charger from BPS. But before I mount that and my new $600 MotorGuide, I want to be sure that I'm not going to fry anything. $200 for batteries, $200 for a charger, $600 for a new trolling motor, MAN this is getting expensive, hope I fix it quick! Thanks for the input guys, I'll let you know the outcome shortly. Next phase if it's necessary is the shop!
Rob, do yourself a favor...hook everything up and make sure it's working BEFORE you mount everything in place...LOL...after all you've been through, I'd say "Murphy" is lurkin' in the shadows!! Just a thought!!

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