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Feb 29, 2000
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hey,to all who have replied to my post,i think i was not out of line with what i posted,but i feel a few of you think i might have been.if i offended you,im sorry,buti couldnt contain this any more.i feel i have been blown off by tracker,since the boat has been out of warranty since 6-14-99,they did it out of courtesy,is the way they put it,they wanted the boat back in june,the heighth of the fishing season. would any of you sent yours back then?i mean if it floated,and wasnt a major structural repair?

i have not bad mouthed tracker to anyone who has asked about the boat,and i have had a few ask me about the boat,how i mounted the downriggers,kicker motor and such.

would i buy another tracker?well,not sure yet,im in one of the biggest boats they make now,the next step is a cuddy cabin for lake ontario.

im making plans to attend the next rally on lake champlaine,ny this bringing the boat,but i dont think i will be fishing in the tournament.i kind of fish to relax,no pressure and such.besides heard there is big lakers and salmon in the lake.and besides the way i fish for smallies,is not allowed in tournaments,drift fishing and trolling.
Jeff -

It takes a lot more than that to offend me!

Even more so, I agree with you and will support you in any way that I can. I admire the stance you have taken in the past in your support of Traker in spite of your personal difficulties. You, Jeff, are Good People!

Regarding "fishing the tournament"......... I, too, fish to relax! That's why I don't fish tournaments! I spend my week days in constant competition - I DON'T need it on my weekends! But "fishin' with a bunch of friends" is a wonderful experience!

See you next Spring!

Hey Jeff, That is what this site is all about. A place to state your satisfaction or dis-satisfaction about you boat.

After what you have been through. I don't think I would be so polite..

take it easy