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Rob LaMoy

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Mar 19, 2001
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Well guys, I have a full dance card this weekend. However, the bar has been raised. There are about 7 of us, (guides) that sub-contract for an outfitter locally when we don't have personal booked trips. We have this unspoken running competition as to who's boat can pull the most fish in 1 day. The president of our Federation chapter is one of the guides and we generally work the same days, as our tourney schedule is the same. He has a 929 by the way. He boated 150 fish in one day this week with himself and 2 clients. It's the boat right? LOL. Now I have to beat that. It won't be easy. Hey, I'm good but I think that's going to be a stretch. I do have to admit, Jim (the guy who did it) is a good fisherman, but he was also out in ideal conditions that day. Any advise (short of dynamit and bleach) would be appreciated.
Hey Rob, no problem. You have everyone on this board pulling
for you. It's time to kick butt and take names. Those other guys don't stand a chance.
Let us know the final score. My bet's on you.
Good luck.(Not that you'll need it)
Frank!!....didn't you and your crew get 151??? or was that the Rum they brought along??!!!...
Good luck man....that's a heck of a day!!
Best Fishes,

Last I knew, there are 24 hours in a day. Fish them all if you have to. 151 fish/ 24hours is only 6.29 fish per hour. Bring Scott with you and he can catch the .29 for you ...LOL!!!

Good luck,

Sorry, Rob...... My dance card is filled for the summer.... I'm following Mac's suggestion - strapping a perch-colored lifevest to myself with trebles attached and renting myself out as a topwater jerk bait! Saving up for a new boat!

You guys have spent WAY too much time on the water. That's OK though! Scott, I might be able to use you for muskie bait. LOL. I'll let you guys know how it goes. I'm going to start keeping a log like we discussed a few posts back.
Scott - How long can you hold your breath?? Could really use a good catfish bait for the lake this weekend, Noah will even help coat you with bacon and chicken liver slime LOL

150 fish in one day, 6.29/hour, even in 24 hours is amazing!!! I'd be happy with 6.29 fish per 1/2 day trip, boy do I need to practice!

Have a safe and happy holiday weekend!!!


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