Thanx for the Flag, Rich

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Thanks Rich...One picture says a thousand words,God Bless America.....
Never seen so many US flags flying around here, You guys really have our support. I have to find one to fly too!!

Thanx Pierre,

You guys have a few fighter jets we can borrow??? LOL
Well sure, but we buy or jets used from the states...

We just ahd a ceremony here in Ottawa, there must have been 20-30 thousand people. Incredible.

I think the US should take action soon while they have the support of all the countries.

Nice addition Rich! The skys here in New Jersey are really eerie without the constant sound of planes overhead. This was dramatically broken an hour ago as Bush arrived in NY. The sight and sound of fighters flying high and quite low followed by the helicopters and more fighters is just not what we are accustomed to seeing here!

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