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Jun 3, 2000
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Thanks Mac on the info for the Mercury 250 XB. I just heard they (Mercury) were having problems with the 225 power heads on the Optimax. I have a 1999 150 Opti right now and love it. Just wondering what direction to go in a year or so. Good fishing to you. Chris
The 200's and 225's (Same powerhead) were having problems earlier this year due to a ECM software problem not regulating fuel flow correctly. That problem has been solved and the new units are in the field now. There are no other problems that i am aware of, and I'm pretty sure the 250XB wasn't affected by that. But that is one heck of a motor and if you get one,...I wana pair up with you at the Rally next spring.....we may launch in NY, but we'll fish Erie!!..LOL!!...Good luck and seeya!!
250XB is a whole different ball game... the 250XB is a EFI engine... not a DFI as the optimax... there were never any ( how should i say this) Major issues with this motor for 01, as far as 02 goes... im not sure if they're even in production anymore, we have yet to recieve any pricing on Mercury racing (250XB and 300 Promax) products for the 02 Model Year, The updates kits for Optimax were released today, and should be out in the field shortly, ( we have 3 on order) they consist of a ECU, thermostats, and a port fuel rail ( due to the fact that the fuel presure regulator screen was restricting fuel flow. Hope this helps anyone wondering about the Opti's or the 3.0L EFI's

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