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Jun 30, 2000
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I wanted to say THANK YOU, to Dan at BPS in Atlanta. As you may have read in a previous post, I had a XPS reel that broke after about 1 1/2 years of great service and was 6 months out of warranty period. I tried (with the help of a few of you folks) to fix it myself to no avial. Dan, who works at BPS, posted a note to let him take a look and see what he could do.

My son Noah and I dropped in around lunch time today, during Hunting Classic (which was PACKED and they had lots of extra help). Dan checked out my reel, confirmed that it had broken, and before I could even ask how much it would cost to repair he pulled open a BRAND NEW reel, checked it out and said "let me know if you have any further problems, just call/e-mail or stop by". We're not talking a $15 zebco reel here, this is a $100.00 reel (my most expensive). We chatted for a while and he gave me some good tips, including finding me 3 lures in the sale bucket that he and some clients had caught good number of Spots on Lanier earlier this week (i'll be on Lanier all day next Sunday).

I'll let all y'all know in a week or so how the lures worked, but I know that the reel will work great and THANKS again to Dan and BPS - Now that's customer service!


Great job, that's the way to promote good customer service...


Thanx for taking the time to recognize a job well done.

Ken Neeley

General Manager--Tracker Marine

Bass Pro Shop---Detroit, Mi.
Dan -

BPS is openning up here in St. Louis (St. Charles) in the near future......... Think you could get yourself transferred up here? :^)


P.S. Don't let Marke hear about this - he'll be wantin' ta trade in that 40+ year old Backwards Charlie!
Dan, you do BPS credit! They are lucky to have you. So are we.

Thank you all for your kind words. However, I can't take much, if any, of the credit. BPS has an outstanding policy of customer satisfaction that is reinforced through our corporate office, on-site management staff and all other associates. Our own brand products are durable, superior quality goods that we stand behind with a warranty that is not just written on a piece of paper in a box. It's backed by the integrity of the team of associates we have company wide. Everyone should feel confident that the level of service given in our Atlanta location will be equally provided at any of our sister stores. I've been in most of them and have met so many wonderful, caring people who only want to help. I consider myself lucky to be associated with such a fine group of individuals. Any time I can help any of you folks out, just let me know.
I am just awestruck by this thread. I have had some problems with my pinnacle deadbolt reels. To the point that I won't even use them anymore. The customer service that I recieved from silstar was very disappointing to say the least. I have been looking for a good line of spinning reels, and with the customer service and satisfaction I'm seeing here, it will more than likely be a BPS brand. Just thought I would interject my point of view. For what it is worth.

What a coincidence...we'll be opening a store in Arundel, Md. very the meantime, get your catalog out and order some reels!!!

Keep up t he good work Dan, never know, could get world wide recognition on the internet someday,...that'll make your boss proud!


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