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Andrew Zuber

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Mar 19, 2001
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Hey all!

Here's the deal...

Just a "for fun" tournament with some guys at work and some other friends. A small kitty just to make it "interesting", and an optional big bass pot...

Well, my regular partner couldn't get out of his honey-do for the evening (canceled last minute), so I took my "just turned 10 year-old" as my partner. Bright, blue, no clouds, and cool...hmmmm...didn't look too promising.

But, apparently no one told the fish!!!

On Jake's 5th cast with a rattle-trap he hooked what turned out to be the "big bass" for the tournament...a 4lb 9oz largemouth!!! I worked hard to put 2 more in the livewell, but the two of mine 'barely' equaled the weight of his! We finished just shy of 9lbs and ended up taking 2nd place on weight (the winner had a 5-fish limit)!

The big fish "netted" Jake a payday of $100!!!

The BEST part was weighing in...2 Rangers, 1 Javelin, 1

Skeeter, 1 Triton, 1 Nitro, several PT Trackers, (11 boats total) and the two of us in the TV-18! The Triton owner wanted Jake to fish with him next week! hahaha

As you can imagine, Daddy was beaming pretty bright...

Didn't have the digital camera with, but when I get the Kodak moments back from developing, I'll get 'em scanned in and posted...

Take a kid fishing...

You'll NEVER go wrong!

P.S. he spent the money yesterday...a new rod, a new reel, and new bike helment - prioritized in that order)

Congratulations on the win and the new gear for Jake. Looks like he has his priorities set just right. :)


I know...... I've mentioned it before....... But one of my dreams is still to establish a "NATIONAL TAKE A KID FISHIN' DAY"...........

I've been in this game a long time. I boated my first bass around 1947 using a Heddon "Pal" reel on a hex steel rod (brand I don't remember). Since that time I've owned all the toys (Cajun, Skeeter, Ranger), and all the best of equipment. I've won a few tournaments, not in the money in most. I have lots of memories over those years, but the memories that stand out the most are all the times I've fished with my son. I remember very well the Christmas I bought him a new rod and reel and on Christmas day we went out to try it out. On his first cast he boated a 10 pounder. But that's not all, on his very next cast he boated another 10 pounder!!! I think he was about 15 at that time. He now owns a Ranger (I have an 882) and we still fish together at least once a week.

I also am now taking my grandkids fishing (I have 6) A few weeks ago I took my grand daughter, Ashley fishing ( age 10) and she caught her first fish, a 4 lb Bass!!!. She made her own cast, hook set, and brought the fish to the side of the boat where I lipped it in. I wasn't a lot of help because I also had a fish on when she got her hit (plastic worm). She was using a Zebco on a good rod but still took her 5 minutes or so to get it in because the Zebco was hard for her to crank. I know that it was the most rewarding experience I've had in years, and would not trade it for any tournament win. She was also excited, but not as much as me.

Over the years there were many times that I was "too busy" practicing or fishing tournaments to take the kids fishing, and that was a mistake. Fortunately, my son became my best partner in boat tournaments (always catching more weight than me).

I guess what I'm trying to say is, never pass up the opportunity to take your kids fishing, because it can be an experience lost forever.

I can guarantee that those times spent in the boat alone with your loved ones will be memories that will last forever.

Ya know....... It was posts like this group - reminiscing about taking kids fishing - that started the "Penny Berryman Thing" last September. (See "What would you do in this situation???" by John dated 9/30/2000. I was posting under the "Staci" name back then.)

So........ What do you all think....... A "NATIONAL TAKE A KID FISHIN' DAY"! Sponsored by Tracker Marine! Co-Hosted by Penny Berryman and Scott Matheis! Rumor has it that MR. Berryman is a Zebco Rep - maybe he could even get them to help out!

Send you cards and letters of support to: Jenny Corley, Tracker Marine, 2500 E. Kearney, Springfield, MO 65803.


Dude,...I think the Kennedy family is quite capable of getting into trouble WITHOUT getting involved in fishing!!! LOL Sure hope ol Uncle Teddy doesn't want to do something for the fishermen in the Chapaquitick (sp),...if he does,..he ain't drivin' MY truck!!! LOL.....
Congratulations Andy and Jake!!! If Brandyn and I ever entered a tourny it would be the same way. I always catch the most fish, but when all is said and done Bran always catches the biggest. I don't know what it is, but it happens EVERY time.

I think it's time Jake becomes a memeber of the page and starts posting some tips and tricks....LOL


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