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John Kinslow

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Mar 22, 2001
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I have more rods and reels than any one man should be allowed to have (these are my wifes words, not mine). As a result, I'm running into rod storage problems. I usually take only those rods that I feel I'll need for the trip (usually around 5) but even with that many in the rod locker of my Pro Deep V-16, it's a headache at times trying to get to the one I need.

Can anyone recommend a type of factory rod organizer that will work in this model of boat or is there any other method that has worked for someone in this situation?

Thanks in advance everyone.

John K.
Hello Barb,

I checked those out previously but I'm inside the rod locker on this model of boat, it is "real" snug. I was mostly looking for something premanufactured or off the shelf. If I have to, I could use the design in the grab bag with some modifications.

Thanks for the info.

John K.
Although I don't have a solution to your storage problem, I do have a reply for your wife. Every time my wife asks me how many rods I need, I ask her how many pairs of black shoes does she need. That normally ends the conversation.
John - If you find something i'd be interested. My Pro Crappie has tubes built in but the newest model now has a verticle set of holders for the rod-butts that makes it easier to get stuff in/out, and i've not found any yet aftermarket.

As to Rod numbers, I keep telling my wife that when I consistently come home and tell her about my day "Catching" instead of "Fishing" then I might be able to say i've got enough rod/reels and tackle LOL

Thanks for the info everyone.

Rich D. - Thats a killer response. I might needs some lessons on "quick comebacks" from you when your available.

TrepMan - I'll let you know if/when I find something that will work.

EsoxTracker - Do you happen to have some pics you could post or e-mail? This idea might work, plus it would allow me to use the rod locker for extra storage (something this model of boat is in need of).
I do not have a picture, but any Catalog should have a tube type rod holder. Some have up o 5 tubes. Bass Pro, Cabelas, Reeds or check out your local boat store

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