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Eric B

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Mar 1, 2001
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Does anyone have a splashguard mounted on the back of thier Alum
Deep V ? Just incase no one knows, its used for "back trolling" which
is a Walleye thing. If you do have one, could you tell me if it was
coustom made or did you buy it? From where, or how/what you used to
make one.

Eric, I have Wavewhackers mounted on the back of my Pro-Angler. I mainly did it because the splashwell is so small on that boat. It has worked perfectly. I don't have the number handy but they are out of Minnisota. At the time they did not take credit cards but do take a check. They can make them for any boat. I had a trolling motor cut out put in mine. You have to let them know where you want that. They fit like a glove, very well made and can be removed with thumb screws. Good Luck

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