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Bill / NY Kooi

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Nov 9, 2000
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Hey Mac happy Fourth nice job in the times I liked the crab holding the flag the Pike is cool too!

Please everybody a fun safe Holiday.

God Bless Billy
OK...... Somebody, PLEASE scan the cartoon and post it! I gotta see this one!


P.S. I don't think Mac will get uset about his copyright..... And, if he does..... I'm "Chum" anyway!
Guys, I think Mac is under a license agreement for Scales and Tales...please don't scan and post them without his permission.

OOPS! Thanks, Rich!

OK, so where is it published? Guess it's time I went out and bought me a copy of the sorry rag that is so desperate for content that it would sign a contract with Bill McElroy! :^)

Wow!! Thanks for the kudo's fella's,...I appreciate it very much! Good news too,...just got permission to start doing them in color from now on...starting next month! I'll be doing my August panel tomorrow and it'll be the first one..that ROCKS! Have been up north for a family'whole family got together including my brother from Australia. It was great to see his family again! Fishing was so-so...lot of wind and big waves,...had to stay in-land. Brother in law got a nice 5lb smallie in Charlevoix,...that was the week's best!!

Gota run now though,...lots to catch up on at home. Back to you later,...thanks again for the nice words...I'll really make you laugh next month!!...Seeya!

UHHHMMM..Mini??..I believe Dick showed you that spot!!!

I was fishing Dick's stuff!!!..LOL....I will commend you though on your outstanding idea of getting together lasnite for that batch o'wings!!! Our waitress was a doll, and those wings as usual,..are AWESOME!!!! I will do a panel today in color that will generate a few emails to BASS along the lines of,..."Why haven't ALL of these been in color?!" LOL....Thanks again and here's to another great week of vacation!! I love this country!! Oh, and Mini,..when we get together this week to fish,...can you show me some more stuff??!!...LOL....I love you MAANN!!! LOL


By the way guys,...feel free to scan and post any of my cartoons on this site if you wish,....My agreement with B/T is to NOT publish them with any other "competing" publications. (ie. In-Fisherman, Bassin', etc..etc) I really don't see this message board as "competition" for BASS Times,'em if you gottem!! LOL



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