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Oct 6, 2000
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I want to wish all of you a safe trip for the Tournament this weekend. Be safe and have a fun weekend. I would have loved to make it and meet some of you guy's but just couldn't work it in this time. Hope John Foster catches the biggest fish. Skip
Thanks Skip. About to leave for the airport. Have a great weekend

I second Skips comments,.....good luck this weekend everybody!! Sure wish we could've made it,...would've been fun to meet everyone, get a little fishin' in and get in on that BBQ action....have some for me!! Mini and I are going to be doing some pre-season "research" on the big lake saturday, so we'll be with you in mind and spirit,....take care and take some good photo's....i want to see what i missed!! ;o(
Tight lines.
Thanks for the well wishes, fellas. We'll be thinking of you. We'll have at least one toast in honor of those who couldn't make it.
Hey Skip,

I'll bet you that Scott catches the biggest fish.... but gets lost on the way back to the dock for weigh-in and gets

Have fun guys!!!!

Is this for the Tracker/Nitro ownsers tourny?? Sorry, guess Im not up to
date on all the posts...
Thanks for the confidence, Marke! But I'm not really much of a bass fisherman....... And, seeing as how John is coming all the way from California...... And seeing as how he's the one who's got to keep Chris in line for Erin...... And seeing as how I'll be using some of the soft plastics he molded for me...... Aw - the heck with this hunble, sentimental stuff! I hope I catch the BIGGEST AND THE MOST, too!!