ROAD TRIP...Sorry John!

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Greg Gutierrez

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Jun 29, 2000
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Lets get ready to RUMBLE.....Down the road that is!

Well I'm off tonight, headed for Nitro HQ in Springfield MO.

I got informed my new boat was ready for pick up on Friday. This years model is a 2002 901 CDX, It's ready and so am I. You see I sold my last 901 about 2 months ago and I've got a "fishin Jones goin on".

The Trip is as Planned. I'm leaving tonight around midnight

I should arive in Springfield around 0800-0900 on Thursday morning then around back of 2500 E. Kearney to door #45. This is the rigging department for the National and Pro Team boats. This is where Kevin, Woo, Rickey, Penny, Stacy get thier boats rigged by Ed and his crew. These folks do an awsome job in rigging these boats it's some of the best work I've ever seen. They do all the National Team boats. They know all the right settings to make them Nitros fly.

Then it's in to see the National Team Boss. Jack Fouts, is his name and man does he take care of us Team members, he's a great guy to work with too!

Once all the paper work is done for the boat I'm off to see the BPS Store. I only hope that I have enough time to liesurly run through all the racks of goodies touching all of em as I go. This time I won't get yelled at because my wife isn't coming on this trip. I refuse to keep my hands in my pockets.

A big plus is, I just sold the boat I won this Spring, so I get to take a little spending cash with me.

Then it's on the road again, "go west young man, haven't you been told...California is full of wisky, women and gold". I'm planning on making a little stop in Texas, I just love them wings at HOOTERS!

I should arive back home in Northern California Saturday morning. Just in time to get ready to go see the SF Giants play base ball on Sunday.

I made this trip last year too, and had a blast. Only last year I made the round trip in 71 hours. This year I think I'll spend a little more time in BPS and HOOTERS.

Well got to get my rest got a big trip comin up.

Rip Lips,

Thanks anyway for the invite to ride back with you. I just couldn't get the time off work. Next year for sure. I AM THERE..

Hey, if you see any of the other national team members. Tell them to stop by the site and say hello. Especially Penny, I think it would be the only time scott would be speachless....LOL

Be safe and have a great trip. I can't wait to see the new Boat.

John, John, John....... You should know by now that NOTHING leaves me speachless......... I may stammer and stutter a bit........

Now, regarding Penny Berryman....... I sincerely hope that everyone one on this board, at Tracker and, most of all, Penny - if she should ever happen to read these posts - realize that all the joking was nothing more than simple, good-natured fun.

Would I like to go fishin' with Penny Berryman? You betcha! I think it would be a blast! What an experience! 'Course, I always wanted a chance to rub door handles with Dale Earnhart, too.........

In any case.......... If any offense was ever taken........ I'm very sorry and I apologize from the bottom of my heart.


Hey, Greg! I almost forgot....... Have a GREAT TIME and drive safely!


Hey, Greg! I almost forgot....... Have a GREAT TIME and drive safely!

Hey Greg, how about posting a pic of that new Nitro when you get her home. Have a safe trip and congrats on the new boat.

Bob G.