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Chris Davis

Apr 9, 2001
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Hey everyone!
First of all thanks for all of the pre-tournament advise I received from all of you!
I fished my first tournament saturday and it was everything you all said it would be and more. I fished harder saturday than I have ever fished in my life.
I threw Texas Style Lizards, spinner baits, crankbaits, and tubes in the flats. I caught 11 fish but only 2 measured 15
Hi Chris. Sat was my first tourny also, didnt get anything! But had fun, saw
alot of nice bass. I was in a Res. Alum Creek, in Ohio. Pre-fished 3 times
but didnt get anything. I guess i treated it like a natural lake and didnt
change how I fished. Oh well, next time. Glad to hear you had fun, I did too.