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Mar 23, 2000
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I have a NX882 and want to replace and change the grease fitting and put bearing buddies on instead. I have my books for the trailer and the brakes but have not found directions for removing and replacing the bearings. Would it be better to have the bearings done at a shop or try to do this without directions. I am mechanically inclined but i do not have any experience woth trailer brakes and bearings.

Thank You

Eric H.
Eric, don't do it. The hub system you have now makes Bearing Buddy's obsolete. See my reply to Trepman's post from earlier today. Frank
And see my reply to "Hubs Heating Up" a couple of posts up.

Don't do it unless you've got someone there who really knows what they're doing. Seems like a simple job - but is so easy to goof up.

I strongly suggest sticking with the factory bearing set. If they are bad, replace with the same. This sytem is a huge leap beyond Bearing Buddies. I put 20k+ on a trailer every year and haven't lost a bearing yet, including the last six Trailstars. Just my opinion.

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