Replaceing fuel bulb on Opti-max

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Mike Waldrop

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Mar 1, 2000
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I was wanting to replace the fuel bulb on my opti-max and wanting to know if this is a big job or should
I take it to the service dealer. I seem to be losing prime on the bulb after awhile. Also what brand
should I just to do this job and has anyone had this problem out of the opti-max motors. Thanks Mike
What year is your opti, anything 98 or older should be replaced no matter if it's losing prime or not.... they changed the check valves in 99 and the new style is MUCH BETTER, as far as mechanical experiance anyone with a pair of side cutters, a fuel bulb and 2 zipties can change the bulb.
Chris, Thanks for the input about the bulb. My Opti-max is a 2000 and is seem to lose prime after
sitting on a spot for about 30 mins. It pumps up and is firm when I start the motor the first time. Also I
was wanting to change the whole thing line and bulb do you know what kind of job that is. Thanks
Not sure what boat you have but if it's a savage serries it's an easy fix, the 9's may be a little harder.... you may also want to check the anti siphon valve in the fuel tank or just replace it... sounds like this may be bad.