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Mike Waldrop

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Mar 1, 2000
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What is the best way to remove the shoot-thru-hull transducer that is mounted in the bilge of my

boat so I can place a new one, made by Lowrance. Thanks for any help.
I had to do that once........ Took a knife and trimmed away the silicone around the edges of the transducer. Then stuck the blade underneath to loosen it and it popped right up.

The one I replaced was installed by the previous owner of the boat though........ Factory/Dealer installations may be more secure.

Like Rick said, it's important not to have any air trapped under the transducer. One good way is to make a dam (mold) with a bead of RTV. Thin the epoxy with a few drops of alcohol (the alcohol will evaporate away, then the epoxy will cure). After pouring the thinned epoxy into the mold formed by the RTV, wait until all the air bubbles disappear, then carefully set the transducer into the epoxy and add weight to hold it in place until the epoxy cures. BTW use 30 minute or longer epoxy.


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