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Brian Feist

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Mar 1, 2000
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I'm getting my boat out for the first time this year for a night tournament this Friday. My batteries are three years old and have had proper PM done on them. Is there any way that I can test them to be sure that they will hold out for me during a good night of fishing?

Thanks in advance for your ideas...

The best way to know how well your batteries will hold up is to have them load tested. Most garages should be able to do this for you or you can purchase a tester yourself from an automotive parts store.

Have a great day!

Sue D.
Sue -

Are you by any chance the "Sue" from Guest Chargers I've seen posting occasionally on the BFHP?

Welcome to the board!

Gimme a break, Adam! I ain't chasin'! I'm just scopin'! Keeps the ol' heart in shape, don'tcha know!

Thanks for the welcome. Yes, I'm the same Sue D. Can I stay and lurk around or will you make me leave since I've been found out?

Have a great day!

Sue D.
Absolutely! Please stick around! We welcome everyone! And we need someone who REALLY knows their way around battery questions! Hopefully, we'll be able to benefit you in some way as well!

Howdy Sue,

You are absolutely welcome and I for one am glad you are among us. I installed a Guest charger on my new 2001 Pro Deep-V 16 a couple months back and it seems to be doing great so far.

Experts such as yourself are a valuable asset and I for one appreciate and again, welcome you here.

Have a great weekend!

John K.