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Buzz Bouvier

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Feb 22, 2001
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The other day I posted a question asking what kind of speed I could get out of a 1997 200 HP Merc on a 896 DC. I stated that I thought the prop was a 23 degree prop. I went out and checked it again and it has the following numbers on it. It's a tempest 3 blade SS prop with the letters 48- 825866 A45 25P. I assume the 25P is a 25 degree pitch, I don't know what the other numbers are, maybe a tempest product number and A45(?).. Thanks
Buzz, I have a 1996 896 DC with a 200 Mariner on a 5 1/2" jackplate. I run the very same prop as you do. The boat will run 61-65 (GPS) loaded for a tournament. As you can see there is 5 mph between good days & bad days because water conditions have a big effect with this set up. When lightly loaded it has gone as high as 68mph. The hole shot could be better. Many claim 70MPH plus for this set up but I have never seen that kind of speed.