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Bruce Moore

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Aug 4, 2000
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Sorry to have been away so long,,, how is everyone? Rich, Scott, Pierre, Mac, Mini, etc. I have a philosophy that in the past has been VERY controversial, and now seems less so, but, impossible. Our policy as a country has always been to welcome everyone into our borders. Now, for a lot of years, that policy has worked a large percentage of the time. The problem is, that the policy obviouisly does not allow for adequate screening to eliminate unsavoury characters that might decide to do us old American folks harm. Seems that the Kennedy's and others are more concerned about these potentially good citizen's rights to privacy than the acts of carnage that they could conceivably participate in.

Imagine if all people not born in this country were immediately deported. Never going to happen, but, what if? Then it's up to us to police our own instead of every illeagal that has an agenda that belongs in their own God forsaken litter box.

Sorry all. It just really turns my stomach that we have all of the domestic issues that we WON'T resolve, yet we continue to welcome EVERYONE into this country, and spend gazillions on foreign aid. We need to take care of our own first, and then, possibly worry about problems in areas where we don't even understand the culture.
Bruce, there are several problems with your suggestion.

First, we are a nation of immigrants. With the exception of native Americans, all of our ancestors are from other lands. The willingness of immigrants to risk the journey here, start from scratch with very little, work hard, risk their lives and their families while struggling to build a new life, is part of the American spirit. It is a deep part of the character that makes us great. That was true for someone who came here as an indentured servant in the 17th century, true for my father and his parents fleeing from the Nazis, true for the very next Mexican who risks the mountains and desert to get to the Texas boarder.

Next, I think you'd be surprised at some of the people your rule would end up deporting. Scientists, soldiers, cops, doctors, CEOs, firemen, teachers, etc. 99.999% of whom would qualify as patriots.

Then, what would happen to the families of those deported, family members who were born here? Would you ask them to leave, too? It might be dangerous to let them stay. Am I a better citizen than my father or my grandparents because I was born here and they were not? Would you expect me to continue to be loyal to a government and a land that just split my family assunder by violating the very concept of liberty?

There is a price for liberty. We payed for it in blood this week. Our forefathers told us we would, at times, need to pay such a price. Folding up the American dream and stuffing it in a drawer is not the correct response. That's the response that says we don't have the will to fight anymore. That we are no longer able to bear the risk of life and limb in the name of liberty.

I quoted Patrick Henry here a few days ago, and will do so again, because it bears repeating:

"For my part, whatever anguish of spirit it may cost, I am willing to know the whole truth; to know the worst, and to provide for it."

Very well said Rich. The many resolutions to this issue will all have their debatable cosequenses. I, as much as any American, realize that we as immigrants, took this land from it's rightful owners, the American Indians. It just really twists my tale to think that a group of people is trying to destoy it in the name of religious beliefs. As always, it is pleasuable to communicate with intelligent people like those of you on this board. Even misplaced anger, such as mine is understood and counseled.

God bless the people directly touched by this tragedy.
Bruce -

As someone who always is....... I would request that you capitolize "Incorrect"!