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John Kinslow

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Mar 22, 2001
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I'm still in the initial break-in period for my new boat (Pro Deep-V 16) and was wondering about RPM's/speed. The dealer said to vary my speed for the first hour but I'm wondering if I should be concerned about RMP's/speed after the initial hour (i.e., don't run wide open yet, etc.).

On another note. I had my first casualty. My second trip out, a buddy of mine (not knowing any better) titled the engine up a little too far and it pressed against strip that runs along the back edge of the rear deck and chipped the paint off of both corners of the engine. Does Mercury make a touch up paint or does anyone have any ideas on cosmetic fixes?

Any info is greatly appreciated.

John K.
John,....just go to a hobby shop and pick up a "paint pen" made by Testors,.....they have a "gloss black" enamel that works perfectly on chips and scratches,.....very handy too.....keep it in your glove's the size of a magic marker and works just like it,....they are awesome little pens,...for @$'ll last for years!!! Tight lines!

Thanks a bunch. That sounds like an excellent fix. It broke my heart getting those chips in that paint. Just kept telling myself "it's the first many to come" I'm sure.
Don't worry about the break in period too much. The most important part is to vary the RPM's. You can open up full throttle, just don't stay there for too long.

good luck,


I can't remember the specifics, but my paper work said something like - after the first hour don't run at any constant speed for more than 10-15 minutes, but O.K. to run WOT for 10-15 at a time. Like Pierre said just make sure you vary the RPM's up a little, down a little are you run her. I think I remember to do that for the first 10 hours. Do a search on break-in (and "break in")and you'll find some previous posts that will help also. I got a specific one page sheet from my tracker dealer that they said was better than the Mercury manual. It breaks the process down by 4 timelines (first 10 minutes, first hour, second hour and next 8 hours.

If you want a copy of it - drop me an e-mail. I'll send a copy to Rich for the Grab Bag.

I know have you feel about that motor, about the 3rd time out last year my best adult fishing partner put a big deep scratch in mine (my fault) when I tilted the motor WAAAAY up and when he turned his chair around on the rear deck the corner hinge scratched the motor.

Enjoy the boat and good fishing!!! TrepMan

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