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Chris Leiting

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Feb 29, 2000
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This is what not to do when running accross the lake.

While i agree with Barry that's not an opps that's a Big OUCH. buy the way what did you catch to do the damage?
Oh man, Chris........ I hope that came from a customer's boat and not yours........ Well, I really wish it hadn't come from anyone's boat - you know what I mean. It musta taken some kinda whallup to twist those splines like that.

Chris - Is this the propshaft? My first thought was it was the screwin seat post?

TrepMan - Knows nothing about motors.
Well by the looks of it, you must still have the prop. Look at the bright side, you didn't shear it.
Yeah Mac, but at least he isn't replacing the whole lower unit. Are you Chris? Probably prop, shaft and skeg. We've all been there. Haven't hit anything yet, but came close on Sunday. Polished my skeg and even ground it down a little. Water is low up here.
Trepster -

Yes, that's the prop shaft. And you don't want to learn anything about motors THAT way!

Thanks Scott, WOW - So how DO you bend the shaft that much? I'm figuring that is stainless STEEL and a that prop must have stuck on somthing solid!

Chris - Details, Details, Details man - how fast, what happend, how'd you get back???


Here's a story for ya:

My oil warning buzzer started going off during the tourney Saturday, had a full oil bottle. So I stayed in the same cove all tourney, which netted me 0 keepers.

Took it to the shop and had them check out the excessive play in the prop as well as the oil warning buzzer. Oil pump went out, but the killer was the gear case. This is what I understand from over the phone, I have yet to see the parts.

Apparently, I hit something awhile back and bent the pins that hold the bearing in place for the prop shaft (I think that's what they said the problem is) and it slowly tore up the gears. It never showed any indication of this, always ran smooth with consistent top end speeds. Well they say I need a new gear case (90hp Merc) cost.... $4000!!! Ay carumba! Insurance is covering the underwater collison I had at some point in time to cause this. A $500 deductible. Of course this happens the same week my truck gets rear ended by a guy reading his map. Tow vehicle in the shop as well as the boat. I'm having a bad week...

Pics of the gears to follow if I can get some...