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Jeff Duggan

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May 31, 2001
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What weight and type of anchor should I choose for my boat? It's a 700lxdc (17'). I would like something that will hold the boat in a decent wind. I do most fishing at Picwick....it has a mud/rock bottom. Also, do most people use 1 or 2 anchors.
Jeff, I use a 10lb mushroom anchor on Lanier for my 700LXDC. Generally mud with some rocky bottom. It works well until the wind gets really stiff, then it will start to drag. Letting out more line is usually as effective as having a heavier anchor, so you may want to carry an extra 20 or 30 feet of line for those windy days. I like the mushroom for it's easy handling and lack of sharp points. It's easy on the boat.

I use a Fork type anchor. I feel it holds better then any ather anchor. Get the one with a sliding ring that attacheds to the anchor and then use three fetr of anchor chain from the anchor to the rope.

If I am planning on fishing an area were i need to stay in one spot. I will also use a mushroom anchor on the down wind side just to keep me from swaying back and forth.

You can get them at West Marine. Cabelas or Bass Pro.

Paid a little Extra $$ for a 18lb Minn Kota "Crabclaw" Anchor. ( Available at Bass Pro) Does the Job on Lakes and Light River Current, and Its Plastic Coated will not beat up the boat. I fish in Very Strong Current at times and keep a Snap Hook on the end of My Anchor Line. When the River is high and really flowing I have Snapped On an Additional 5 lb. Mushroom Anchor. Some of the More Walleye Style Boats use Richtor Anchors ot one called a Waterspike. These are priced higher, but apr probably the best if have Anchoring Problems.
21 years in the Coast Guard and I have yet to see one fail. Weight is not a factor here. The flukes dig in deeper as your boat pulls on it. To deanchor, all you have to do is manuever so you are directly above it and it will pull free. Works great in sand, mud, gravel or grass and takes up little space or precious weight. Overall the Danforth is your best bang for the buck. I won't use any other type.

Just my .02

Jeff - My first question is do you want a portable or permanently attached anchor?? I went with a permanently attached one with a "anchor system" from BPS (had the dealer do the install) with a mushroom (I think 10 lb) anchor. You can check out my boat in the Members section and you can see the anchor up front. It does take up a little of the space where the non-skid pad is but does not take up any deck space and is alwalys ready.

Here is a link to it, i've got the Stainless Steel II:


I agree with John that if you are fishing rivers you may want a second anchor for the back to keep from swaying.

Thanks for all the suggestions. I want a portable or non-permanant anchor. I will use it some, but I mostly troll with my trolling motor. I am going to check out the options you guys gave me....thanks.
One of the best around is called a Mule. Haven't seen them in a long time, but they're shaped something like below (viewed from the side).


* *----0

* *

* * * * * * *

They're made from a solid piece of lead, weigh about 12 pounds, about 10 inches long, 4 inches high, and 4 inches wide. Attach a 6 foot piece of chain indicated by the

---0, and they will out hold anything their size.

The diagram didn't come out right. The shape should resemble a triangle with the longest leg about 10 inches, the next longest side about 8 inches and the shortest side, about 5 inches, and height about 4 inches.