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Gary Cooke

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Mar 24, 2001
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Excuse my lack of knowledge on this topic but I won't know unless I ask. Can you leave your boat in the water(i.e. overnight in the dock) and charge your batteries with an on-board charger? Thanks, Cookie!
Cookie, That's one of the great things about an on board charger. Get an extention cord and hook it up while the boat is docked. I've done it many times on two day tournaments.....Al.
Cookie, just make sure the connections are clear of the water or your batteries will get a charge!! Seriously, they are the single most improvement I have been able to come across. Buy quality and you'll not be sorry you spent the bucks.
Cookie, last point about safety: Plug the charger into extension cord at the boat first, then plug the extension cord in at the outlet. In the morning, unplug at the outlet first, then at the boat. NEVER the other way around. Bad things can happen when you accidently step off the dock with a live extension cord in your hand.
careful of that enter key or you will post a empty one like the one above :)

My question is, do you also charge the cranking battery, or will it charge from the motor?

The start battery will charge from the engine. If you use your electronics and livewells heavily you might want to put an onboard charger on that battery as well.

Have a great day!

Sue D.